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never ending list of life-ruiners ; meg turney

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Anonymous: i think that last ask thought you were meg? 

omg, maybe they did???? i didn’t think of that but i’m so sorry if they thought i was!! i wish i was trust me lmao

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alaricsvisions: I've seen your ask Meg vlogs about being open with your bisexuality and they inspired me to be more open with my pansexuality. However it still seems like many people I've met don't seem to believe it's real. How do you deal people's doubts? 

I, personally, am a gay girl, but I used to think i was bisexual so I know what you mean about people doubting it. My answer would to be just fucking be who you are. You know? In the end of the day, you have to be who you are, and the only person who it should matter to is yourself. You can try and try to convince other people of how you feel and who you are, but itl’l only tire yourself out and maybe they won’t even believe it. Rock your pansexuality! <3


friendship necklaces where one says “eat” and the other says “ass”

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@megturney: Whenever I see Meg I just feel like she’s hiding something.” It’s true. I’m hiding that I have to poop. YOU GOT ME, INTERNET SLEUTHS.

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Never forget

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dollwithagun: A little hard to see the pink bits but they’re there!

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